Spring Renewal

beautiful girl enjoying the summer sun outdoors in the parkSpring is a time for change. As humans we are connected to the environment around us on an intuitive level and when the seasons change, so do we.

Some of us enact change on our own and take steps towards creating a better version of who we are while other are affected by the changes around them. It’s far better to take control of your change than to simply react to the changes being forced upon you.

Many of us pick the changing of the season as a time for change due to the symbiotic relationship we have with nature. When the leaves change color, when the temperature gets warmer or colder and when the daylight lasts longer or shorter it is only natural to make changes in our lives.

Many of us actually feel a wave of energy during seasonal changes, some getting “spring fever” and others noticing a surge of activity when fall arrives. This energy can be positive or negative, as some are predisposed to become less enthusiastic and maybe even sadder during winter.

So, when the seasons begin to change, especially spring, what can you do to make it a positive shift? For one, you can recognize the natural forces at work and be proactive in your decision making. Being a bystander in life can have negative consequences in that you may get caught up in a flow you don’t necessarily agree with. If you feel your energy levels rising it is a prime opportunity to use this power to fuel life changes you wish to make. From exercising more and changing your diet to devoting more time to personal matters and reconnecting with loved ones, the changing of a season is a great time to switch up your habits.

As the spring showers begin to rain down on the blooming fields around you, take the time to feel the energy flowing through your body and soul. Let the refreshing water fill your spirit with rejuvenating power and use this to enact the changes that will make you a better person.

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