Welcome to Tohealfromtheheart.com

Welcome to Tohealfromtheheart.com. Soon I will be getting my first post up about the new site. Until then please enjoy the site. If there is anything you think should be included or removed be sure to let us know.

Just the same, if you are looking for help through any of the services I offer be sure to contact me using the contact form here. https://www.tohealfromtheheart.com/contact-us/

Thank you for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Tohealfromtheheart.com”

  1. Liz,

    I will be attending your hypnotherapy session on
    losing weight. I believe it is slated for Sept. 19th.
    I love them as you also throw in the kicker of stress relief as so many of us eat whenever we are stressed. These sessions are so relaxing that I don’t want to ~wake up/come back~ from that state of relaxation you instill in us. But,you know that and wait patiently for me to open my eyes. Any newbie who has not experienced this and is hesitating should really try it.

    Bright blessings,


  2. Liz,

    I am so sorry. I got the date of the weight loss hypnosis session wrong. I posted the incorrect date of
    9-19 when it is 9-12, a Thursday evening from 7-9pm.

    Sorry for the error, everyone.


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