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Reiki I – Sunday 10/22/23 – 12pm-5:30pm Body Energy

Reiki is energy healing through the hands, it is also known as the “Laying of Hands’. Reiki is thousands of years old and a non-invasive form of healing. The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words, Rei- meaning Spiritual Wisdom from a Divine Higher source and Ki- meaning Life source which is the energy that all things possess to exist. Through gentle touch healing, energy is transferred from the practitioner to the client. As the energy is received by the client a gentle balancing takes place from the Etheric body, which is the auric field around the body through the physical body and to the energy centers of the self called Chakra’s.

Reiki is a very soothing form of healing that also helps on all levels of stress promoting a deep level of relaxation. Reiki works on energetic imbalances that address the root causes going directly to what is creating the dis-ease. Reiki helps you to see situations on a deeper level and understand them more clearly. It helps you to recognize patterns and habits that may not be healthy to you and also helps to change them by opening yourself to change. Reiki promotes positive thinking so that emotional balance and harmony can be restored. Reiki is also a great pain reliever for everything ranging from a mild bruise to a chronic condition. Keep in mind that a chronic condition may take longer to feel initial relief.

Reiki Treatment: $80.00

Treatments are given lying on a massage table or sitting in a chair, where you are fully dressed. You are guided through a relaxing breath or meditation so you can completely relax. A session lasts about an hour.

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Distance Reiki Healing: $25.00

Reiki Teacher/Master

Distance Reiki can be very effective in stress reduction and healing. Because of the nature of Reiki it can easily be sent at a distance through focus and intent and its effectiveness is not diminished by it not being done in person.

This session will consist of a 15 minute distance Reiki session. During those 15 minutes you will be enveloped in high vibrational loving Reiki energy that will aid in healing on all levels, the physical, emotional and spiritual. I will then follow up with 4 consecutive days of 10 minute healings. I will then follow up with an email letting you know what I intuitively felt and worked on in the session.

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Important Note: None of these modalities should be used in place of professional medical or psychological advice or treatment. They are intended to be used along with professional medical/psychological treatments.

Learning Reiki

Everyone can learn Reiki; in fact it is a great self-healing tool.  An attunement is the process which opens the channel to the student so that the universal energy will flow through them. Every level raises your energetic vibrations with the attunement.

Reiki Classes Offered

Reiki I – Practitioner: $175.00

The history of Reiki is covered along with becoming aware of energy that is all around us and the energy centers of the human body which is called Chakras.  A Chakra meditation is done along with a healing meditation to release blockages that are holding you back from progressing to your goals.  The attunement is given and then plenty of practice time is allotted so students can become comfortable with giving Reiki and have any questions answered.  The manual & packet are provided and a certificate is given upon completion.

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Reiki II – Second Degree Reiki Practitioner: $175.00

This level continues to build on the level of Reiki I.  This expands on the use of energy with color therapy, aromatherapy, crystal therapy and learning how to use a pendulum.  Learning the uses and application of a healing grid is given, along with how to manifest empowering goals.  The Chakra balancing meditation and healing meditation are given to help open and balance you for the attunement.  Three symbols are given during the attunement to add strength and dimension to the Reiki healing, explanations of the symbols and how to use them are given.  A packet is provided and a certificate is given upon completion.

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Reiki III – Master: $175.00

This level teaches how to work with the aura and how to administer an Auric Clearing.  It also teaches you how to work with and embrace your Shadow Self.  A meditation to work on Soul Retrieval is also done so that you can regain a greater sense of wholeness.  The Master symbol is given along with how to use it.  The manual and packet are provided and a certificate is given upon completion.

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Reiki IV – Master/Teacher: $400.00

At this level you are taught how to teach others.  A review of the prior three levels is done along with proper business ethics.  Two symbols are given during the attunement.  After the attunement there is plenty of practice time so that students can become comfortable with learning techniques, giving the attunements and have any questions or concerns addressed.  A certificate is given upon completion.

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Karuna™  Reiki Training: $400.00


Karuna Reiki works with crystals and chanting, with the attunement raising your energetic vibrations higher.  You receive 12 more symbols and are taught more ways to use the symbols that will strengthen and empower your healing even more.  This is a two day class and at the completion of the class you will also be able to teach the Karuna level.

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The ultimate energy of Reiki is pure Love.  It opens you to a greater universal love from which all things come and by which all things exist.

To learn more about Reiki, call: 203-715-2004

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