The uses of Hypnosis are wide and varied, it is used everyday very successfully to eliminate fears, phobias, anxiety and also to overcome undesirable habits and gain self-set goals. Hypnosis is when you are fully focused on the suggestions given to you by the hypnotist. Everything going on around you becomes less important. It is also important to know that you will only accept messages that are compatible with your beliefs and that you will remember everything that is said to you.

A Common Misconception

A common misconception of hypnosis is that you are not in control and while your body may feel heavy and completely relaxed, you are always in complete control. You can at any time during the process open your eyes and even get up.

The concept of hypnosis is to change a thought pattern and instill a positive productive suggestion to improve one’s life. During the process of hypnosis you enter a deep relaxed state that is closely related to the theta brain wave. This is where the conscious brain is quiet and relaxed so that the subconscious brain is open and receptive to the positive life changing suggestions that are given during the session. To change patterns for lasting positive change it will usually take a few sessions so your mind accepts the new programming.

Hypnosis is used to change old beliefs, patterns and behaviors that are not healthy and change your thinking to positive goals and desires. It also helps you to change that negative self-talk to positive thinking daily.

Here are just a few of the conditions hypnosis can work on:

  •   Relieve Stress
  •   Lose Weight
  •   Quit Smoking
  •   Increase Self-Esteem
  •   Reduce Anxiety
  •   Conquer Fears

I also give you a self-hypnosis tool to use so you may continue to help yourself after you leave a session with me.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is also done through hypnosis to tap into experiences you have had in a past life.  Past life regression sessions also allow the hypnotherapist and client to work on deeper levels within the client.  This type of hypnosis is useful if you are seeking to find out if you have a past connection with someone who is in your life now, unexplainable fears or phobias, or just curious about who you were and what you did in another life.

Spirit Detachment

Spirit Detachment is also done through hypnosis to check and then clear the energy field of any spirits or lower energies that have attached themselves to you. Working with St. Michael these energies are safely removed and then a complete auric & body healing is done.

Cost: $100.00 per session

Important Note: None of these modalities should be used in place of professional medical or psychological advice or treatment. They are intended to be used along with professional medical/psychological treatments.

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