About Me

A Little About Me

Growing up I was always sensitive to the energy around me. However, it wasn’t until my early 30’s when I took a holistic healing workshop that I realized I could train myself to control this energy and use it to help heal. After speaking with the instructor about Reiki and its benefits I knew I had found my calling.

By this time I had a family with a small child and felt all of the stress that goes along with parenting, working and running a household with my husband traveling a lot. It was then that I began receiving Reiki therapy and immediately felt the benefits of its healing. A couple of years later my mother passed away suddenly. I then took the level one as it is a great self-healing tool which helped me through the grief healing process. I decided at that time to continue on learning to teach Reiki as I truly enjoyed working with the energy and teaching others.

That in turn led me to hypnosis since I saw how beneficial it was in helping others to heal and move beyond unwanted habits, fears and phobias.  I took the Past Life Regression advanced training because I would continually come across people who were interested in learning about their past lives and found this topic incredibly interesting.
I had done readings back in high school, and then stopped as life and working took over. Once I tapped into the universal energies my already intuitive abilities became even stronger. I began doing intuitive readings again, however as time went on my angels came through more often and stronger wanting to take part in the process. So now when I read I work closely with my angels and intuition to add another component to helping and healing for others. I love teaching and working with people to help them balance and heal their lives. It is so gratifying when I know I have brought a bit of calm, peace and balance into someone’s life.

Training & Credentials

Certified Hypnotherapist

Received training from Joyce St. Germaine and Certified through Hypnodyne & the Hypnosis International Board of Registration

Reiki Master/Teacher

Trained in the Usui/Angelic form of Reiki through Master/Teacher level

Karuna Reiki™

Received training from Master/Teacher Nancy Cannon, trained through Master/Teacher, registered through the International Center for Reiki Training


Received 1st level of Aromatherapy training from Tony(a) Lemos of Blazing Star Herbal School


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