Why are we so unbalanced?

Achieving Inner BalanceThe world we live in is anything but peaceful. All you need to do is turn on the news and the floodgates open with stories of conflict, war, layoffs, recessions, crime and natural disasters. You try to ignore it but everywhere you go smart phones are beeping, people are complaining, sirens are blaring and traffic is congested.

We used to think technology would make our lives easier but it seems that the information overload is having a negative effect on our well-being and health. You don’t need to be a doctor to know that stress is at an all-time high and people today are less happy than even 20 years ago.

Sure, the media is an easy target and most people like to blame the news for their feeling depressed but it’s very easy to turn the channel. External factors should not be causing you to feel bad. If you let the outside world control how you feel inside then you will definitely feel the weight of constant pressure and anxiety. Finding inner peace and calm is essential to keeping the bad vibes that surround us from penetrating our comfort zone.

However, even people who distance themselves from TV, social media and stressful jobs may still find that their lives are unbalanced. Poor diets, lack of exercise and using substances such as alcohol and cigarettes can also cause our inner soul to feel sluggish, tired and unhappy. When you combine a rat race world with poor health habits you get a very disturbed energy flow that more often than not will turn negative.

Even though it may seem hard to do what we all need to do is hit PAUSE on our lives and find a healthy balance that will restore our energy, make us calm and achieve a happiness that may be missing. The first step to ending the cycle of stress and anxiety is to admit it, accept it and make a promise to yourself that you will change it. Hiding behind work, drinks at 5:30 pm and sleeping pills won’t calm the turbulence you feel inside. You need to regain an inner balance that will allow you to breathe easier and find the peace and quiet that will bring well-being back into your life.

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