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According to Living Green magazine, using essential oils for aromatherapy and air fresheners not only provides you with a soothing and pleasing aroma but is also healthier for you and the environment than by using store brand air fresheners and deodorizers.

Even with the advances in medicine many continue to succumb to asthma, cancer and bronchitis and some are beginning to wonder if the chemicals found in many popular fragrances and deodorizers may be responsible for toxic air conditions. Over time a person breathing in these chemicals may begin to suffer from severe health problems and may require surgery or hospitalization.

Essential oil blends are used for many reasons including relieving stress, reducing anxiety, getting a boost of energy and assisting in falling asleep. But many people also use essential oils for aromatherapy and the air in their homes. Now it appears essential oils are in fact the safer option when it comes to providing a natural air freshener for the home. Today there are many products including sprays, scented candles, air wicks and incense sticks that people use to achieve a pleasing aroma in their homes or meditation rooms but essential oils may be the least harmful with having the added benefits of therapeutic properties.

Finding the right essential oil for your needs can be a fun and exciting journey. Essential oils come from many different types of plants and span a full spectrum of scents that range from eucalyptus and lavender to peppermint and tea tree. When you find the oils that are right for you consider using your oil to freshen up the air in your home and reduce the need for harmful chemical sprays.

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  1. A wonderfully new web site that is welcoming and informative. Nicely done!!

    Your aromatherapy and oils are a wonder to use. I have apreciated those you have already made for me or my daughter and look forward to the ones I have not yet used. There are so many uses or aromatherapy and essential oils. The easing of stress and assistance in sleeping are two no one should be without.

    Bright blessings,


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